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Opetellaan käyttämään englantia opiskeluun ja koulutukseen liittyvissä yhteyksissä omien tarpeiden mukaan painottaen.



Digital exercises




Exercise 1.1 Calendar


Exercise 1.2 What’s the time, please?

2. I’ll take the bus


Exercise 2.1 Vehicles

Exercise 2.2 The longest -> the shortest

Exercise 2.3 Match the times

3. I need a new T-shirt

Exercise 3.1 Opening hours

Exercise 3.2 How much is it?

Exercise 3.3 What is the new price?

4. Do you like this jacket?

Exercise 4.1 Opposite words

Exercise 4.2 Type the adjective

Exercise 4.3 What colour is it?

Exercise 4.4 This and that

5. Let’s get some snacks

Exercise 5.1 Food pyramid

6. Excuse me, where is the café?

Exercise 6.1 What’s the place?

7. It’s “coffee o’clock”

Exercise 7.1 At a café

Exercise 7.2 A cup of coffee

8. Let’s revise!

Exercise 8.1